Laura E. Goodin, web designer

If you have a small business, a hobby, or an activity that really matters to you, you probably know how useful it can be to have a web site. But it can be daunting to figure out how to just get a plain, simple site that does what you need — and no more.

If you want a site that is simple, reliable, inexpensive, easy to maintain, and well-written, Laura is ready to help. She will find out what you want to say, and help you say it clearly. Advantages of getting a web site designed by Laura include:
  • You can get the word out to your customers or colleagues right away: a simple web site is quick to design and code.

  • The site does exactly the job you need it to do, neither more nor less. Why pay for features you will never use and don't want to bother with?

  • The site is quick to load and less likely to crash, freeze, or otherwise break down — something your readers will appreciate in this era of overdesigned web-site "experiences".

  • The site is clearly and grammatically written. Laura specialises in helping you say exactly what you mean, with impeccable spelling and grammar. This increases your credibility with your readers.

  • The site is easy to maintain: no complicated programming, no program files hosted off site. Just plain, simple HTML, accessible to anyone with basic HTML knowledge or a site-editing tool.
There are plenty of web-design firms and consultants out there, promising you the world. But you don't need the world, you just need a web site. Laura will help you get the site you need, for a price you can afford.

(To find out more about Laura's editing services, click here.)
To contact Laura, email i n f o -at- l a u r a g o o d i n . c o m, or use this handy form.

Laura E. Goodin